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As our church continues its pledge campaign for renovating the organ, many have asked for more information about the instrument, including more detail about its problems.

Deep Cleaning

The first thing our organ needs is a deep cleaning. Years of use and various sanctuary renovation projects have left much dirt and dust on and inside the instrument. There are approximately 750 pipes contained in the organ chest, each of which needs to be removed by hand, cleaned, and adjusted. The mechanism for each key or pedal—everything in the instrument is mechanical except for the wind chest—includes four dowels connected by small felt and leather hinges. There are 150 keys and pedals, meaning there are approximately 600 dowels and their connectors that will need to be inspected and replaced as necessary. Once the pipes and mechanism are removed, the instrument chest can be deep cleaned by Parsons’ technicians, thus restoring the instrument to nearly new condition.

Adjusting the Mechanism

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